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Help Your Website Convert Every Website Viewer Whether it's a Branding Ad, Offer Ad, Blog Article, Email Signup, Appointment Calendar, Etc


What if I don't have many website visitors

The first thing we can do is we can put a campaign together that helps drive new visitors your website. Let’s say we get only a 100 or 200 people to your website. What if you only had a 100 visitors with emails? Would you not market to them? Would you not start market to those until you have a thousand emails? Even if you get a little bit of traffic to your site, you still want to market every single one of them for the next 30 / 60 / 90 days. So, let's get this campaign in place and then we can go from there.


Why not just use google display ads? I am already using google ads now...

Google charges you full retail price for their traffic, where we get it at wholesale rates because we are an agency. Since Google is focusing on running ads across Google products and services, Google will only cover about 25% of the advertising market and their ads will show on about 25% of sites. That means you're missing out on over 75% of all the other places your ads could be shown.  Plus, we have the expertise necessary to help you convert the traffic we generate and provide comprehensive monthly reports


How do I know this will work or how can you guarantee the results?

We have multiple packages and we can talk about which strategy is best suited for you, but the first step in getting started for everyone is RETARGETING… This allows you to capture 100% of every website visitor and helps to convert the leads you are already getting to your site, even if they do not connect with you. The most obvious method for best results, is employing all 3 traffic strategies


Doesn't PPC work better to bring in new customers?

PPC will help your business to show on top of the searches when consumers look for a service like yours. It is just one part of the strategy. To capture prospects and leads on sites, it’s CRITICAL to combine retargeting with your cold traffic, to make sure that there is a way to bring back everyone who landed on your site and help them convert. Without retargeting, you're wasting $$ if people click and never connect with you.


How can I tell how many website visitors I have?

We will install a tracking code on your site that will give us clear data about your site visitors, their locations, their ages, demographics, etc. Based on that information you will be able to make decisions for creating the best offers that would help to convert them.


I watched the webinar & WOW, the Offer seems to good to be true. Why should I trust you – what’s the catch?

Great question… Well obviously, you see the amazing value in our offer that’s presented to everyone today & understand, this is a very limited offer for those only on this webinar…  and it helps us generate exposure to new industries that we want to break into & it helps to grow their businesses & in return, all we ask is to cover some hardline costs & get feedback on your experience… all while growing your business.